Wednesday, September 22, 2010

School activities have begun

First school, then the after-school activities. It has been an easy transition from summer's endless possibilities, to the definite boundaries created by school hours and now the beginning of the seemingly chaos of the after-school life. The reason our household has had it fairly easy considering that dance hasn't begun yet which definitely will be the monkey wrench in schedules.

For now we are just adjusting to 2 different pickup times after school which conveniently coincides with when Andra then Cliff leave work. Iris has been dabbling into participating on the cross country team. Dabble is due to the actual events occurring on the weekend, early on the weekend...Iris and early on weekends are fairly incompatible so far. (Throw in a chance to go to the big city and 5:30AM doesn't sound so impossible after all!). Doesn't it make you remember being a teenager?!?

Remembering high school has been the biggest learning event at this stage of our experience. That happy-go-lucky, spontaneous, last-minute combination of homework, school and sure takes me back a few (!!!) years. Hopefully I haven't been as annoying as I remember parents wanting to know about schedules, events and friends. You do want to know but primarily to make sure they are happy. You always want your children to be happy but it all seems so condensed with having a daughter for only a year to make sure they are doing well and enjoying the experience. I also don't want to personally relive high school but so far I've enjoyed all the memories this has been bringing forth and now all the new memories being created.

This is really fun! I sure hope someone reads this who is sitting on the fence about hosting and sees the possibilities for remembering, learning and laughing at the past (and the present!) and decides to take the plunge after all.

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