Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Happy Birthday!

We celebrated Iris's birthday today!

I wonder how this day would have compared to her birthdays back in Finland. Seemed to me that cake and candles are universally recognized. We were treated to a number of birthday songs from various other countries as many of the exchange students at her school were able to come. Spain, Chile, Ukraine, Belgium and of course, the good ol' USA students wished her well. (What a gift for us to be part of this).

We are so fortunate in our small community to have such a strong commitment to exchange students from AFS and Rotary. I don't remember a single, exchange student from my high school days in San Diego and the school had 3x's the number of students than this one in Newport. Credit must be given to those who have organized and promoted these exchanges for many years! Kudos to you Evelyn & company.

It is also a very good thing to have a great liaison and friends as this party may not have even happened without their help. Even though I think I'm fairly organized, this is still new and I planned a party that I could only attend for an hour due to a meeting...oops. Fortunately liaison and friend (Katy & Julie) to the rescue to help supervise and provide some transportation. Of course, not to be content with just that task, the kitchen was sparkling when I tiredly walked in the door. WOW.

Didn't someone once say it takes a village? It surely helps and this village rocks! Guess I shouldn't worry as much about Iris being in a small, rural town because it is a GREAT community to be a part of. I hope Iris takes this impression back home about the USA. It is not all Hollywood, SUVs, hamburgers, etc.

The gifts are sure mutual during this adventure and we are so very lucky to be able to have celebrated with Iris and her 'new' friends. Happy Birthday and thank you!

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