Thursday, August 18, 2011

Another Elisabetta.

Iris says good-bye to Cory...she's getting a puppy upon her return to Finland!

I am starting a new blog for hosting our 2011-12 student from Italy, Elisabetta.

Iris returned to Finland where she has already started school for this year. She reports that her English speaking isn't quite as fluent after just a month even though she found speaking Finnish a bit challenging upon arriving back at home. Who would have thought?

Our home has been very different without her and we miss her at the same time we are awaiting our new student. It will be hard not to expect her to fill Iris's place as she will be her own person with an entirely new experience. Keeping expectations in check but you can't help looking forward to this new experience.

We also are looking forward to seeing Iris again sometime, sooner than you might imagine!

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